Defeating your Financial Virus

Defeating your Financial Virus

It has been two months since we’re adjusting to this COVID crisis.

But do you know you also have to deal with your financial virus?

I coined it with the word COVID too 🙂
Cashflow – Overspending – Values – Inflation – Disaster

And just like the biological virus, this financial COVID infects not just you but the people around you too.

It can also be asymptomatic: you don’t know you have it until you find yourself hardly breathing because of the impact of your financial unreadiness.

Good news is there’s a vaccine available and accessible to you!

Watch part 1 of this webinar  replay below.

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  1. Lou Buenaventura

    It was clearly explained that even a newbie will be able to understand it. I do congratulate coach Omeng Tawid for a job well done.

  2. Lou Buenaventura

    Hope to attend other seminar/webinar about financial literacy.

  3. turkce

    Thank you for reading! I always enjoy your fun stories of the boys and how you cherish them and enjoy them! Danila Donny Corwin

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